On Satire

This got me thinking.

All satire is parasitism. There is no satire without subjects to inspire it. A lampoon is nothing if there is nothing to lampoon. Satirists are entirely derivative; their material is created by others. And the satirists’ work is all about lust: if pornography incites lust for fleshly pleasures, satire incites the pleasure of mockery and scoffing. It is pornography of a different sort, appealing not to one’s prurience, but to one’s self-righteousness. It surely arouses, but not lurid sexual yearnings. It arouses a mockery that titillates an audience’s anger, resentment and, above all, its pride. And it is not about the weak speaking to the strong. It is about the powerful appearing weak, weak as the Everyman, exploiting an audience for social and financial gain.

From Bill Gnade

What do you think? Overstated? Right on?


2 Responses

  1. Bill,

    Thanks for noticing that I noticed – and for bringing some wit to our comments. I discovered your blog yesterday and found it stimulating reading. You have a way of seeing and expressing that I appreciate. I’ll be back.

  2. I’ve a hunch that it is thoroughly over-written; the writer should be embarrassed. Nevertheless, something in his comments strikes me as possibly true.

    A pretentious article indeed!

    Peace and mirth,


    PS. Thanks for noticing! I look forward to exploring your site.

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