Tuesday Teleconference

Tomorrow night I’ll be interviewed by Pluto and Plato (Maurice Velazquez and Steve Elliott) on their teleconference “radio show”. The topic is Teaching Literature to Children. A month ago we began this discussion and we ran out of time when I started to get into the questions that can open things up for the class or home discussion, questions that will drive you into the heart of the text without ruining it by giving your student/child a worksheet.

If you want to learn how to teach a child how to think while engaging in great books, even if you don’t feel confident about your own reading skills, please come to this teleconference. I promise you, it will be helpful. To learn a little more, click here.

Science and religion

I hold to the humble view that the natural sciences are in trouble and that they will build a very high tower over the next 100 or so years before they discover that it has no foundation. The following quotations offer clues as to why I believe this.

A.N. Whitehead, co-author with Bertrand Russell of Principia Mathematica says:

There is but one source for science: It must come from the Medieval insistence on the rationality of God.

St Augustine:

Heaven forbid that God should hate in us that by which he made us superior to the animals! Heaven forbid that we should believe in such a way as not to accept or seek reasons, since we could not even believe if we did not possess rational souls

I pulled these quotations out of a sermon by a British preacher (a priest, I believe), in which he discusses the relationship of religion and science and the lies some PR men for the sciences (Voltaire, Dawkins, etc.) tell about that relationship. Read it here