Why Read the Pagans?

Colorado Rockies might lose tonight, since they’re down 13-1 in the fifth. Oh well. On Tuesday night I participated in a teleconference interview about how to teach great literature to kids. In it I emphasized the seven great questions that teach kids how to think and that make teaching both more effective and easier. Next week, we’ll be conducting the third of four such interviews. Maurice Velazquez and Steve Elliott of the Pluto and Plato radio show conduct the interviews.

Next week’s topic is “Why should Christians read the pagan authors.” If you’re interested in participating, click here for some more information and to sign up.

So what will I say? Of course, I’ll be talking for about 60 minutes so I can only write about 1/30 of what I’ll say then, but here are some hints:

Christians should read the pagan authors because their writings were more Christian than most Christian writings are now days.
The Bible tells us to read pagan authors.
Biblical authors read pagan authors.
Church fathers read pagan authors.
So did all the great reformers.
So have all great theologians since then.
The pagan authors wrote some really good books.
If we read the pagan authors we won’t be able to believe that Harry Potter is one of the greatest stories ever written.

Our last discussion had callers from as far away as Australia. I hope you can join on October 30 and/or November 6 at 8:00 eastern.

Click here for more info.

4 Responses

  1. yes it is From Pl to P-M.

    Why do you feel you need to counteract Baylor and Dallas? I’ve heard good things about both of those schools.

  2. Is the one on criticism called From Plato to Post-modernism? If so, I’ll think I’ll get that one when it goes on sale. My oldest son is in the English PhD program (at Baylor–undergrad at University of Dallas), and I always want to have stuff on hand to counteract what he’s no doubt reading. He’s got a good solid head on his shoulders, and is a committed Christian, but still…he’s 22.

    On that subject, I purchased, because of one of your recent posts, At War With the Word, by R.V. Young. I love ISI books. I’m just about finished with the first chapter and I have little stickies hanging out all over the place! I can’t wait to discuss it with my son when he’s home for Christmas break.

  3. Thanks Kathleen. Louis Markos has done some good work for Christian’s approaching literature. He’s got a good series with the Teaching Company on CS Lewis and another one on the history of criticism. I love the second one. Some people find his voice bothersome because he gets a little histrionic, but he’s got great content.

    Let me know what you think of From Achilles to Christ.

  4. I just purchased a book (published this year) entitled “From Achilles to Christ: Why Christians Should Read the Pagan Classics.” It’s by Louis Markos. I haven’t read more than the introduction yet, but it looks to be a good read. It has endorsements by several cool people, including Louise Cowan, Joseph Pearce, Peter Leithart, and Patrick Henry Reardon.

    I like your last reason, by the way!

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