Divine Comedy

Contrary to the common assumption, desire does not always arise from lack… Christian desire is then triply comic since there are desirable goods that come only by giving–certain possessions, as Augustine said, that are only possessed by dispossession. Fulfillment of desire is in these cases comically enhanced by the opportunity to extend and enhance fulfillment of desire in others.

Peter Leithart, Deep Comedy

So saying, Dr. Leithart provides a hint to our summer conference theme: A Contemplation of Humor: The Laughter at the Heart of Christian Education.

The nihilistic humor of the modern cinema and Christian humor are two very different animals, and the need to feed one and flee the other presses vigorously on our souls. In an age dominated by entertainment, we play the fools as teachers if we fail to cultivate judgment and taste in our students. That might well be the underlying motivation behind our conference theme. And the comparison of the two humors might well make a good workshop. Doesn’t seem practical does it? Unless you want to cultivate wisdom and virtue in your students instead of merely preparing them for a test.

That and the desire for a Rabellaisian time!

Be sure to register before December 15 for two reasons: huge savings and increased odds of getting a seat. Since we only provide 200 seats, and since we are located in Houston this summer, we expect to fill the conference very early. Click here to learn more.

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