The streets of the broken city
bring in the vogue of the revolutionary
–another kind of politician, another
slogan-sayer, ready to level the world
with a little truth. Those who wait
to change until a crowd agrees
with their opinions will never change.

Farming: A Handbook. Poems by Wendell Berry

Training for heads of school

“Given that 48 states require principals to be certified in educational administration, the disappointing state of principal preparation is disturbing news.”

The Accidental Principal, Hess and Kelly

This article, from Education Next, underscores the insolubility of the problem with American education. States pass laws that they cannot possibly oversee. Schools line up to advertise how effectively they meet the laws.

At the highest levels it’s a sham and a shell game. It can’t be otherwise. The scale of education demands that oversight be local and that parents be vigorous in overseeing their own children’s education. When Dewey turned the American school into a vast social engineering project, he made general education impossible and set American schools into a wartime stance with the American family.

90 years in the roses aren’t blooming.