Science and Faith

This NY Times op-ed argues for some sort of theism, then chooses panentheism for some reason. I think it is because the writer, Paul Davies, a physicist, recognizes the need for a god, but doesn’t want that god to be free of the universe it made. Read it here, and comment here. I’m interested in your thoughts, because this whole idea of science and theology is the crux of western historical development.

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  1. Andrew, I think you’re correct that Western historical development can be charaterized as a struggle over “this whole idea of science and theology.” There’s a profound metaphysical realm involved in the relation between the finite and the infinite. Davies’ opinion has been relatively common among some scientists during recent decades. In my opinion, indulgence in certain strains of recent Western thought have led to a sort of rebound, in which many scientists, including Davies, have begun to reverse their answers to certain fundamental questions. In that way, Western science has the potential to attempt to undo centuries of characteristically Western thought and culture on the way to metaphysical obscurantism.

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