Can Everyone Be a Writer

The art of writing is a great mystery. Does the story come from some external source, like the muses or the Holy Spirit? Or does it come from discipline and experience and reflection? The Times of India ran this article, which is worth holding on to as a collocation of different (sometimes contradictory) views on what “creative writing” (by which they mean fiction) requires and whence it arises.


2 Responses

  1. So is the difference that you are committed, trained, and disciplined or that you are born with a gift the rest of us lack?

  2. Grrr, no, not everybody can be a writer but the wannabes like to think so…at least, until they sit down in front of a keyboard and realize that being an author involves the daily invention of a new world. The proliferation of the internet, creative writing programs, etc. has led to this mass belief that everyone has a novel in them. To which pro writers like me tartly reply: “Not unless I stick a copy of WAR AND PEACE up your nose–then you’ll have novel in you, mate…”

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