Guess who said this (first to guess gets a free autographed copy of Classical Education, The Movement Sweeping America, by Dr. Gene Edward Veith and Andrew Kern (I’m the second guy and I’m the only autography you’ll get)):

We have reared a generation of brats. Parents aren’t firm enough with their children for fear of losing their love or incurring their resentment. This is a cruel deprivation that we professionals have imposed on mothers and fathers. Of course, we did it with the best of intentions. We didn’t realize until it was too late how our know-it-all attitude was undermining the self assurance of parents.


5 Responses

  1. Congratulations to Mrs. Elliott. I’ll sign the book as soon as I return from Canada and you can come pick it up at the CiRCE office in Concord at your convenience.

    Just kidding. We’ll send it to you after my return!

    The correct answer is Dr. Benjamin Spock!

    If any body can provide the original source, I’d be grateful.

  2. I remember reading this from a Baptist Press blurb quoted on a blog. u2isqr8 is right–It was Dr. Spock who said this. I just remember reading it, knowing of Dr. Spock’s initial advice taken by a whole generation which was the opposite of this quote, and saying out loud, “Oops.”

  3. Okay, I’ll guess: John Taylor Gatto?

  4. I’ll leave this open till Wednesday. Then we’ll find out if Mrs. Elliott got it!

  5. S Elliott (or rather his wife) guesses it is Dr. Spock, as in child psychologist, not Star Trek dude.

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