It’s Nothing Personal: It’s just business

Behold the marvels of the cosmos, the wondrous beauty of the stars, the awesome complexity of life in its marvelous diversity and adaptability, the world-creating power of the elements and atoms, the inexplicable forces of gravity, the stronger and weaker atomic forces, etc. etc.

 I’m not sure why.

Enlightenment science approaches the cosmos the way the Godfather approaches relationships: “It’s nothing personal; It’s just business.”

What is Woman? Are you mindful of her?

Responding to the Eliot Spitzer tragedy, my cyber friend Bill Gnade reposted a brave and sensitive blog entry from a couple years ago. Take a look at this call to men to honor women.

I can’t help but feel that a just apprehension of the honor due to the mother of God would sing a song our souls need to hear.