Do I Dare and Do I Dare

Went to Martin Cothran’s blog (Vere loqui) and saw a bunch of easter poems and then a link to Douglas Groothius web site, so I’m emboldened to give it a try. I’ll post a poem I wrote. But you have to promise me to critcize it and make suggestions (to which I have the right to respond since I bear the responbility of the poem) because the only reason for posting this poem is to improve it:

Apostrophe to 2 Suns

My brother stood on stone steps

Staring into a sky with two suns

With tears on my birthday

I was born and then

We hid under the clouds

That shaded our house

I lived as the shadow

That sought to be sought

In the parting of the clouds.

Parted suns imparted

Warmth breeding rays,

One warmer, canceling

The other canceling back

Into fear and daily dying, for

Our two suns could not warm

The stone steps and my brother

(copyright 2008 Andrew Kern)


2 Responses

  1. Not really, but you’ll want to be careful with any poem not to assume its autobiographical. On the other hand, it might be.

  2. Just curious, did you and your brother compete for attention? Your poem reminds me of my two sons.

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