Education is Simple

Education is simple…we are the ones who complicate it.


It’s as simple as a leader and one being lead.  It doesn’t start with an “educational theory” or a “program”.  I am under the impression that we may not need a certain philosophy of education to begin with, but rather answer some authentic questions concerning who are the leaders and the led and what is our destination? 

Then we can occupy a position from which we can make wiser decisions concerning the path, or “curriculum” that we want to use.


The difference?  These questions humanize education instead of turning it into a disembodied program or technique.  A curriculum that asks “what are we cultivating in our children by teaching _______ (fill in the blank with math, spelling, etc.) this way” is far and away better than one that uses an “educational outcome” as a standard.  One considers the human being… the other takes the fastest, most efficient road to accomplishing the individual task. 

Our children are paying for that efficiency.

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