My Daughter in The Nutcracker

I spent tonight watching a bunch of candy and flowers dance around the stage at a performance of the Nutcracker that featured my daughter Larissa as a Sugar Plum Fairy. What a doll. I hope to post a picture or two at some point.

The second highlight of the night was the lady sitting behind me with her two children or grandchildren. They talked and reacted through the whole thing, which was OK, but when she hummed that was pretty frustrating.

I loved watching my daughter dance, but something about the Nutcracker has always left me a bit void. It seems as though Tchaikovsky just wanted a tableaux against which he could pay his beautiful music so he borrowed this fabliaux. But the entire story is so utterly devoid of any meaning that I almost prefer to listen to it on CD. Except when my daughter dances, of course. So elegant; so intelligent.

Here, I hope, is a picture:


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