What did you get for Christmas?

I won’t try to say my favorite gift here, but I’ll tell you the one the CiRCE blog readers are most likely to be interested in (apart from all the candy, of course!). My children, in an act of travelling masochism, gave me CD’s of the complete Divine Comedy by Dante, translated by Carlyle-Okley-Wicksteed (what a great name for a translator), and read by Ralph Cosham. You can get it at www.blackstoneaudio.com and I highly recommend it.

Did you get anything recommendable?


2 Responses

  1. Would you believe I have never seen this? I probably should plan on it.


  2. I received a CD of the original 1950’s recording of the opera “Amahl and the Night Visitors” directed by the the composer, Menotti. I have not heard this since I was a child when I used to listen to this recording on LP in my grandparents’ rec room over and over again. I had it mostly memorized and used to act out the scenes and choreograph the dances as a child. Amazingly, as I listened to it again on Christmas day, now in my 40s, I remembered most of it still. And it still brought tears to my eyes at the end. The story is of the three wise men who are on their journey to see the Christ Child and they stop to rest at the house of a poor widow and her crippled son, Amahl. My grandfather played one of the kings in their church’s production of it many, many years ago.

    Here is a link to it: http://eucharisteojourney.blogspot.com/2008/12/christmas-music.html

    This was the most meaningful present I received. And it meant a lot to share it with my family. I think a new family Christmas tradition has been born!

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