Beethooven’s Fifth, sort of

Don’t watch this if you are a musical purist, but I think this could actually be used to help kids understand classical music – or at least Beethooven. It’s hilarious, with apologies to John Hodges.

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  1. Jenny,

    That’s funny. So it’s an inside joke – like all jokes. Now we’re inside, so we can get it next time!

    My grandparents (now my onkel und tante) live on Beethooven Strasse in HeilgenHaus, near Koln. Interesting…

  2. Andrew, I’m sure glad you asked that question; I learned something new. 🙂 The third movement of Beethoven’s String Quartet in A minor, op. 132, is known as the “Heiliger Dankgesang” (a shortened version of the whole subtitle that Beethoven gave it, which in it’s long version means according to Wikipedia,”Holy Song of Thanksgiving by a Convalescent to the Divinity”). He seems to have written it after a potentially fatal illness.

  3. Probably his name means something like, he longs for thanks. Anybody else have any ideas?

    That could be funny. But coaches are pretty serious. Gotta run – think there’s a game on.

  4. Ich denke dass er sagt: “Dankesahn”. If that’s right, it’d mean something like “long(ed?) thanks”. But maybe I’m not hearing him clearly. Need my daughter’s help! (The previous word was “hielege”, or holy.)

    • Thanks for the hat tip. I was looking at your blog and noticed that you have a bunch of taps on the top. I can’t get more than two on mine. Do you know why?

  5. Andrew, someday you need to define “musical purist” for us. 🙂 PDQ Bach just gets funnier the more you know about music.

    • A musical purist is a person who a person like me who is a musical ignoramus figures wouldn’t like something funny about music because somebody who knows more than me about music must be a snob. Isn’t that correct? ; )

      Can you explain the Danksgesang joke? It sounds like it must be funnig, but I get it notlich.

  6. The ultimate compromise?

    wife: Let’s go to the philharmonic.
    husband: Let’s go to the ballgame.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this!

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