Gatto on How We Don’t Educate Children

This will disturb you. I’m anxious to hear what people think about Gatto’s actions and opinions. An interview might have worked better, but he has a lot of provocative insights. “School is a major actor in this tragedy.”

A comment over at YouTube: “As a sophomore in high school and victim to this cruel system, I only wish that the rest of society would open their eyes to this.”


One Response

  1. I’ve read several articles and one or two books by Gatto. I keep remembering that Jesus learned the way Gatto suggests (read Luke 1-3). His (Gatto’s) insights are very disturbing. And are inclined to lead to a re-evaluation of A.S. Neill’s “Summerhill” and Ivan Illich’s “Deschooling Society.” Howabout just returning to Deut. 6?

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