The Fall of Ben Stiller

Natlie Portman has become quite lovely. Ben Stiller better come through, because so far he looks like a high school skit gone bad. Nope, didn’t work. He’s just a distraction, as demonstrated by the fact that the camera had to pull back from what it was trying to do. Even if he were funny, his behavior would be pointless and self-indulgent.

This audience is patient and forgiving for people who try to be funny and I appreciate that, but Stiller’s participation doesn’t add to the honor. In fact, note this. I am writing about him instead of the winner.

Cinematography: Slum Dog Millionaire: Anthony Dod Mantle

Purpose is everything.

For example, the purpose of my battery is to run this computer and it’s dying.


8 Responses

  1. Here’s the link:

    • Ok, now I get it and it shows how out of touch I am. But I still wonder if it contributed to or distracted from the event. What was the link to Letterman and Phoenix?

      That it was funny doesn’t justify it.

      • The link to Letterman and Phoenix was the Phoenix appearance Stiller was spoofing.

        You’re right, it doesn’t justify it. I thought it was a bit edgey, and probably dishonored Phoenix.

        • Well, it only dishonored Phoenix if we was not spoofing or on drugs. But my main concern is whether it contributed to his purpose or not (Stillers). It’s the old fashioned issue of propriety.

          • I just came across this on MSN:

            “The Inevitable Joaquin Phoenix Joke

            Come now, you really didn’t think we’d get through the ceremony without one Joaquin Phoenix joke? Ben Stiller, presenting the Best Cinematography category with Natalie Portman, stepped in for the job and was somewhat amusing, all bearded, befuddled, chewing gum and wandering around the stage, but the shtick felt inappropriate. Cinematographers deserve some respect, don’t they?…”

  2. You missed the entire joke on Stiller. He was mocking Joaquin Phoenix’s appearance on Letterman. You need to YouTube it. If you haven’t seen the Letterman clip, you are right, it isn’t that funny. But it was a great spoof on Phoenix.


  3. I’m sorry, I’m having trouble reading your comments because the thought of you blogging the Oscars is cracking me up.

    Ok, I’m going to try to stop giggling…and really try and concentrate.


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