The Oscars: Intro and Penelop Cruz

I’m watching for the first ime in my life to see what the big deal is and to see if I can learn anything about how to plan a banquet.  Since I watch about 10 movies a year I’ll have great insight on this.

I guess you open with a song. Perhaps that would be a good way to honor the Paideia Prize winner. Now I need a great song writer.

I like the way they contextualize Meryl Streep’s greatness by replaying the achievements of many other Oscar winners. Nice job recognizing Viola Davis for her role in Doubt but I’m not sure why they did it, unless it is to point out that she didn’t win an Oscar. But I like honoring people for earning it. That’s one thing Hollywood does a really good job of – honoring their peers.

Sometimes they’re silly and excessive and, as I write I note, dress funny (is that Goldie Hawn, really?), but they give honor. They say thanks. That may be their greatest virtue and it’s not a petty one.

Oh, I get it, they were done with Meryl and were listing the first nominees. So here’s Penelop Cruz. Do these actors act when they get the prize? I’ve always wondered how actors can trust each other. Here’s where it gets carried away: “Art is our universal language so we should do everything we can to ensure it’s survival.”

I guess she thinks its threatened. The only threat I can think of for the arts is the public school system that is cutting the arts from the curriculum because of the recession.

I wonder what she means by “universal language.” Seems pretty slippery.

Otherwise, nice speech.

Good Diet Coke commercial: “Just keep it simple; because when you start with good taste you don’t need anything else.” Truth to that.

4 Responses

  1. Sheri,

    Worth considering! Do you think one minute is enough for the Paideia Prize?

  2. Planning a banquet & the Oscars…you know they play music if the speech gets too long. 🙂

    Sorry…couldn’t resist. LOL!


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