How to Be Perfect

Let us, in fine, observe that this harmony or surprising agreement, which naturally occurs between the ideas of just, honest, and useful, constitutes the whole beauty of virtue, and informs us at the same time in what the perfection of man consists.

… Moralists are divided with regard to this latter point. Some place the perfection of man in such a use of his faculties as is agreeable to the nature of his being. Others in the use of our faculties and the intention of our creator. Some, in fine, pretend that man is perfect, only as his manner of thinking and acting is proper to conduct him to the end he aims at, namely, his happiness.

Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, The Principles of Natural Law, Pt. II, ch. 8, 6

So which is it? In which of the three is ‘man’s perfection”?


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