On Truth and Intellectual Development

Truth revealed and accepted accelerates learning by drawing the lover of truth like a magnet. Dogma, therefore, if they are true, do no harm to the intellect. Falsehood, however, does positive harm.

Thus the modern disregard for assertions of truth (which are, of course, directed at truths the modern doesn’t like or at people who think they know the truth because they’ve memorized a statement about it) is fatal to the intellect and at the root of how our most-schooled-society in the world is also among the dumbest.

Thus there are at least three ways in which truth helps cultivate learning.

  1. The hope of finding it still motivates our best thinkers
  2. When something true is discovered, it brings order to our thinking and opens new avenues of insight
  3. The mind that believes in truth, cultivates the habits and virtues needed to find it.

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