How to Be Perfect

Let us, in fine, observe that this harmony or surprising agreement, which naturally occurs between the ideas of just, honest, and useful, constitutes the whole beauty of virtue, and informs us at the same time in what the perfection of man consists.

… Moralists are divided with regard to this latter point. Some place the perfection of man in such a use of his faculties as is agreeable to the nature of his being. Others in the use of our faculties and the intention of our creator. Some, in fine, pretend that man is perfect, only as his manner of thinking and acting is proper to conduct him to the end he aims at, namely, his happiness.

Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, The Principles of Natural Law, Pt. II, ch. 8, 6

So which is it? In which of the three is ‘man’s perfection”?

One More Oscar Note: Kate Winslet

I have to add that she was stunningly gorgeous and as elegant looking as anybody I have ever seen on this show (not that I’ve watched much). That would be a great style to bring back.

Tremendous contrast to Goldie Hawn.

Martin and Fey

Here’s the Steve Martin and Tina Fey video. I’ll try to update it when there’s a better one.

Contemplation and the University

A friend of mine from Westminster Academy in Memphis sent this article to me. Here’s a quote to spark your interest.

Originally, the university would have recognised its purpose in the psalm verse “Be still and know that I am God”. It would also have recognised that the ultimate fulfilment of that verse was to be found only in the kingdom of God. In a way, the university itself was a preparation for heaven.

Nowadays, we experience it as a rehearsal for purgatory.

Here’s the link:

The Fall of Me

They’re doing a tribute to Jerry Lewis. That’s amazing. I haven’t seen him in 40 years. I remember how funny he was when I was a little kid, and then he did that telethon every year.

Coke Commercial: “Good taste is anything that makes a statement. It’s all about being bold, flashy, and fabulous. But sometimes the biggest statement is the one that makes a difference.”

I don’t know if I like the media better when they are irrelevant or when they get philosophical.

Nice comment by Eddie Murphy. This humanitarian award is a lot like our Paideia Prize. A lifetime honor. Maybe we should keep their speeches to one minute!

I think I’d better stop now. I’m finding it hard to say anything intelligent. Maybe I’ll go read a heavy book and see if it gives me something to think about.

Benjamin Button and Will Smith and the Dark Knight

Will Smith is a master. But I’ve just learned that this is going on for another hour and a half. No wonder I’ve never watched it before. If I hadn’t napped for four hours this afternoon I’d be asleep by now. (That happens to me when I’m on the road so much).

So it looks as though this Button movie is a good one. I maybe should go see it. Give me some advice.

Visual Effects: Benjamin Button

Sound Editing: The Dark Knight. Richard King.

That I did see. Very powerful movie.

Bill Maher and Best Documentary

Much too angry and simplistic.

His god has not made him very nice.

But I’m glad there are people who continue to remind us of religious hypocricy. We need to hate that even more than we hate it when people talk about it. Since the former will never go away we’ll always need the latter.

Man on Wire won. James Marsch, Simon ??

I know nothing about this. Any comments?

Short subject: Smile Pinki.

Don’t know antying about this either, but my wife doesn’t like her dress. “To tell stories for a living, lucky me.”