Thinking Deep Thoughts

The structure of our thinking can lead us to deeper insights or prevent us from reaching them. That is why it is so important to read and imitate complex thinkers.


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  1. I have spent a good deal of time exploring CC. What she offers is very impressive and appears to be most helpful for the parent trying to classically educate children. Thank you. Could you speak to how what CC offers integrates with your discussions of classical education? Will any of the CC representatives be present for discussion at the Circe conference?

  2. Stephanie,

    I look forward to seeing you in July.

    Depending on your own literary background and your children’s experience with the language, I would start LTW between 7th and 9th grade. You could start as early as 6th, but only in more or less ideal circumstances.

    The flip side is that every teacher should work through it regardless of what they teach.

    How old are your children?

    • Our children are 13, 11, 9, 7 – all boys. My degree is in English but as you might assume, I did not receive a lot of direction for what I now recognize essential. My children are all eager readers but less strong in their writing. I may also be teaching 4 other children due to the sudden death of their mother: the same grades as my children. What do you know of Classical Conversations?

      • Stephanie

        Leigh Bortins and I have been becoming fast friends over the past few months. CC is an amazing work in need of the best teachers they can get their hands on – so to speak. They are considering using LTW as we speak. I would recommend it for your 13 year old and I would recommend that you use the many, many tools you gain from it to teach your other three children. People struggle with writing because they think it is a mystical process. LTW removes that idea.

        I’m very sorry to hear about the children who lost their other. May God preserve them through this agony through His people.

  3. If one was to attempt to learn such structures, where would you suggest he begin?

    • Stephanie

      I’d start by reading some good poetry from before 1900. Especially Shakespeare. Also, any literature prior to Mark Twain and including some of his work stretches your mind. The important thing is not so much to identify these structures (more complex sentences) and note them as it is to swim with them.

      The great weakness of market driven literature is that the market wants to be tickled and flattered. It doesn’t want to be challeged very often. But there are still some writers who can push you a bit.
      But the best way of all to learn to think like I’m describing is undoubtedly translating the classical languages.

      • Thank you. That confirms much of what we do and where to go. I look forward to learning more when my husband and I attend the Circe conference. Could you tell me at what point you suggest beginning your writing curriculum?

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