On Plagiarism

Three reasons people do it:

  1. Ignorance (they don’t know what it is)
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Sloth

To solve the problem:

  1. Teach them what plagiarism is
  2. Teach them how to write so they are confident, including invention, which cuts plagiarism off at the knees
  3. Give them hope

And through it all, hold them accountable, but don’t assume they are any more evil than you are.

Thanks to the CiRCE apprentices for these ideas.


One Response

  1. And…in recent years…comes the need to teach them that research involves more than cutting and pasting from the internet. I suppose many in education have discovered there are such places as echeat.com for students to steal papers from and then plagiarism.com for teachers to use to catch those using the first type of websites. But in the end, its just the grade that matters, right?

    We are cultivating wisdom and virtue in very rocky soil.

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