Hitler Admired

Let a person have his or her admiration for Hitler. Who is anybody to say he or she me not admire such man?

Because he was AH? I never hear people about Stalin, he killed more of his own people then the whole WWII has cost.

People may discust Hitler, that’s there right, as it is another his or her right to admire this man.

Those who fight against those which they hate, become those which they hate!

I was watching some excerpts from Hitler’s speeches on Youtube when I came across this comment. How would you respond? Does a person have the right to admire Hitler?

One Response

  1. I suppose that it’s a person’s right to admire whomever they choose. There is no law against admiring Hitler as well there shouldn’t be. That being said, most people who openly admire Hitler are poorly educated and lack the ability to conceive of the fact that, had they lived in his day and happened to strike him the wrong way, Hitler would’ve most likely had them shot regardless of their admiration of him. Now, the statement, “Those who fight against those which they hate, become those which they hate!” is said in ignorance. When our troops fought against Hitler’s regime, they didn’t fight out of hatred. They fought to defend their land and their families against a tyrannical force that was taking over the world. They fought and they won, and for decades since we have slept soundly with both eyes closed because of their efforts. Defending what we love is not hatred and shouldn’t be labeled as such.
    That is what I believe; although, that most likely not what I would say, because I typically don’t respond to stupidity.

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