Lit Quiz 2: Who said this?

Wisdom must provide counsel that is consistent with the good. Knowledge severed from goodness is too dangerous – and even foolish; almost certainly fake.


Answer below

That’s JK Rowling. Yes sirree. These are the words of Albus Dumbledore.

Let us Attend. Hey! You there! Pay attention! Pass auf. Head’s up.

Attention, and therefore perception, is at the core of our human existence. Perceptive attention is the foundation of all excellence, of every competent activity, of each healthy relationship, of respect, of learning and memory, of prayer and spiritual growth – of survival.

Any school, but especially the Christian school, must prioritize, must focus on, must attend to, attentive perception as prior to and essential for all practical skills and liberal arts. It all begins with attention.

The Trouble With Ed Schools

This article suggests that ed schools aren’t all that harmful; they’re irrelevant. Hard to conceive, given the number of teachers who have to go through them.