Who Owns America Now?

I’ve read George Will off and on for about 25 years and have found him to be a level-headed, almost boring columnist who uses moderate headlines and writes rational arguments. It may be significant, therefore, that he is the first person I’ve seen so far to, in a non-hysterical way, apply the word “lawlessness” to the Obama administration and then express his legitimate concern. Read this and tell me what you think.


2 Responses

  1. I actually used the same word back in November 2008 (and not hysterically, I don’t think), right after the election, but I am Not Anybody Special, while George Will is…well, he’s George Will. 🙂

    President Obama considers only his desires, in my opinion, rather than the principles of American law. Which is why I must respectfully say that I am always astounded that you consider something about this administration to inspire hope. I understand that the man is a good reader-of-speeches, but I hardly consider that a sign of virtue.

    Of course, it always helps to remember that Obama is only continuing on a path that the Bush Administration was already on.

  2. I am reminded of the scriptures stating how much the Lord despises false weights and measures in business. This lawlessness sets a dangerous “precedent” (don’t know if that term applies as it is legal in nature) with profound trickle down effects. If someone outside the conract can change the terms, what contract is safe?

    Instead of ‘precedent’ can you think of a new term? Maybe one rooted in relativism.


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