Wouldn’t it Be Nice?

This song was already in oldie in 1983, but it well-expressed my feelings toward you, Karen, when your brother David was turning onto the Gardiner Expressway in downtown Toronto with us in the car (was it his Mazda?) and it came on the radi0. It turned out to be true too. It’s Nice. And in 6 days we can celebrate 25 years of niceness in Boise!

Pudewa and Kern on Writing!


Nancy tells me that some seats remain available for this writing workshop on July 22. If you have hesitated to sign up, now’s the time! Don’t delay.

I know I think too highly of myself, but I also know that I can’t think too highly of 1. what I have learned from my superiors and 2. Andrew Pudewa.

Therefore, I am convinced that this is the writing event of the year in classical circles. Let me know if you know of something better.

July 22, 2009

Andrew Pudewa and Andrew Kern On Writing

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