Frantic Magic Eyes

We live like people standing for a magic eye poster, unable to see the 3D image, so trying frantically to add meaning to the shapes and patterns that “block our view.”


2 Responses

  1. I’m not sure what I’m suggesting exactly. It struck me as a sound metaphor that many people don’t think there is anything beyond the surface of their lives.

    They deny the 3D image because they can’t see it.

    Sorry about the Brown thing. In the Magic Eye metaphor, there really is something to see behind it.

  2. Do you suggest, then, that we should be seeing the shapes and patterns themselves, recognizing that they are already freighted with meaning? That we need not try to look “beyond,” seeking a mysterious pattern?

    Reading this made me think of “The Da Vinci Code.” (Thanks a lot.) Brown made much of his discovered “pattern” in works of art and architecture. This is not to say there is not meaning in every work of art Brown considers, but his determination to see some overarching principle at work–apart from, and even antithetical to, the God of the Bible–seems quixotic at best.

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