Cato reviews health care

You can’t get a detailed discussion through the media, but if you are taking this health care debate seriously (and God help America if you aren’t), this ABC news bit does a nice job of framing some of the key points. I found 2:35-3:16 particularly important.

As one who is gravely concerned about both the present state of health care and the direction the Obama administration seems to be taking us, I welcome any discussion on this matter. I know this is an education blog, but one goal of education is to produce good citizens.

3 Responses

  1. I think an important question which Beltway libertarians will never raise is how the Christian ought to think about health care. The most obvious criteria that follows from Christian social teaching seems to be: how well are the least in society cared for?

    Another criteria might be: what end governs the health care system as a whole? Profit or maximal market efficiency both seem unacceptable. The care of the patients, I would argue, must be the purpose which governs the health care system as a whole. This doesn’t bode well for a free market system.

  2. I think as the theory of socialism becomes an embodied idea, Americans will begin to see that it is bad both in theory and praxis. Let’s hope that they haven’t realized this too late.

  3. Do you remember all the outcry from the media many years ago about HMO’s and all the bureaucracy associated with them? My recollection is that the media found them obtrusive and micro-managed. My own anecdotal experience certainly supports that. 15 years ago my HMO refused to order some tests and even refused to redo some because of costs. I know this to be true because my Doctor flat out told me. I was turned away time and time again all the while continuing to decline. It was not until a Doctor went outside the system that they discovered my illness. I can not imagine what we will do when there is only one system. Interestingly enough the diagnosis was found by actually redoing a simple blood test.

    Did you notice at about 2:13 that Charlie Gibson’s posture towards President Obama changes dramatically? Do you think he is expressing doubt in the veracity of Obama’s words or am I reading too much into it?

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