Tory plans for British schools

A very interesting development in Britain vis schools. Not sure what to think of it.

Anybody with an opinion (especially people educated in Britain)?

Another Case for Parallelism

These words are on an IRS document that instruct people how to complete the W-4:

Use this worksheet only if you plan to itemize deductions, claim certain credits, adjustments to income, or an additional standard deduction.

Oh so promising after the second clause. How would you fix it (for the sake of those poor rich people who have to “adjustment” and wonder if they are so supposed to do this)?

By the way, do you notice how much more efficient our country would be if only we taught children grammar/punctuation?

Reading Homer in Byzantium

I was just listening again to a talk by Dr. Bryan Smith called Reading Homer in Byzantium. In it, he outlines how the early Christians taught their students to write, how they selected their literature, and so on.

If you teach writing, reading, or anything that uses writing or reading, or if you are involved with the curriculum for your school, I would urge you to get your hands on this CD. It’s included as disk 23 in the 2007 set.

Bryan explains things like

  • Why we have nine of Euripides plays instead of the 40 or more that he wrote
  • How to practice writing using metaphrasis and paraphrasis (with some very amusing examples of pop music turned Shakespearean)
  • Why we need to read less and slowly

Bryan is always insightful and relentlessly practical!

Visit the CiRCE store to secure this CD or the entire 2007 set.