My Greatest Fear Realized?

Reports and rumblings have been coming to me lately that have tempted me to sink into despair for our country again.

15 years ago, relatively few materials were available for home educators and those who educated at home were a rather radical bunch – though even then the folks from 25 years ago would have smiled down on them.

Everything has changed now. Home education is mainstream. The publishing companies have found it marvelously profitable. The home educators insecurities have driven them to the bottom of the heap for validation.

And now I’m hearing that a “rash” of home educated kids are unable to score high enough on the ACT to get into college.

That’s ridiculous. And it’s the fault of the text book publishers. And the fearful parents who buy them.

Do you know why home educated kids used to think better than their peers? Because there were so few professinal materials available to them. They had no option but to think.

Now, I’m told, home schooled (because now we have to say they’re home schooled instead of home educated) parents are putting their kids in front of the DVD and letting the DVD teach the child.

If this is the case, and if it is widespread in the home school movement, then our country is finished. The home educated child was our country’s last hope. But if that child isn’t having to think and adapt and come up with solutions, if he just has to sit in front of the DVD lecture, it’s game over.

Better to go in the backyard and throw sticks at birds. At least then you don’t know what might come next.

7 Responses

  1. “our scholastic welfare system” ~ what a great phrase! Kudos!

  2. After a quarter of anxiety about getting everything done, I finally threw the textbooks out. My kids and I are enjoying home educating so much more! Things are a lot more peaceful and fun now. We are learning more in a shorter amount of time and they have more time to play outside and try out the stuff they’re learning about. My younger ones are acting out and pretending about things they learn in history, we’re all noticing things in nature more accutely and my older one is obsessed with “inventing” things. It’s like we’re living out what we’re learning, thinking about it more, mulling over it, trying it out, not just doing assignments to get it done. Learning is a way of life, not a list of assignments.

  3. I’d be careful about using ACT scores to calculate the success of students. They don’t measure intelligence, and measure educational achievements only indirectly and mostly inaccurately.

    • of course that’s true and you’ll never hear me defend the standardized tests with anything like a conviction. My only point is that even as something as mind-numbing as an ACT test is screening home schoolers from the STATE schools. Not good colleges!

      The STATE schools.

      I can’t fathom children being so uneducacted that our scholastic welfare system rejects them.

      Do let me add that I put a question mark by my title and I am hoping that it’s just a rumbling and that I’m over-reacting. Maybe you are right. Maybe the tests have become so skewered that they are screening out good students. I hope so.

  4. Thanks Sharayan.

    You’re right; all is not lost. “Let us be fueled by His grace…”

    Heading to your blog.

  5. Foreseeable. Sad. But, as always, a faithful remnant will remain. As seeds to sow for the future. Not all is lost.

    Let us take your insight to heart. Let us always pursue the purity of what we know to be true. And not take the easy road that always leads to compromise.

    Let us keep the end in mind as we begin. As we persevere. As we reach toward the finish line to win the prize. And let us finish the race, bringing as many with us as we can.

    And let us be fueled by His grace all along the way.

    Further thoughts on your post at my blog…

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