Incarnational Inspiration

Over the eight years of our CiRCE conference we have spent a lot of time thinking about the person and nature of our Lord. Yesterday, David agreed to create a special set of Christmas CD’s by finding six talks that specifically address the incarnation in one way or another.

I thought of one right away: The Cruelty of Heresy, a talk I gave down in FL about how when we deny either the fulness of Christ as Son of God or as Son of Man we harm ourselves and those we teach.

Also, James Daniels spoke on the incarnation at this summer’s conference.

There are more and David will find them, so keep your earpieces polished. I expect these will make a wonderful Christmas gift for a thoughtful Christian or inquirer.

Kitsch and Destruction

Kevin Jennings and Glsen (glisten): sounds like a super tacky 70’s pop band. Oh wait…

In this post, Rod Dreher shows us more than we want to know, but need to – as adults, about President Obama’s Safeschool Czar.

This appointment by President Obama brings into question (some would say it expresses all that needs to be said) about his political judgment and his competence to hold office.

It also reminds us how things are done in the America of the 21st century (beginning, of course, with the radicalization of the 60’s – and yes, I do believe this is intimately related to the music children listen to).

More and more I begin to think that President Obama is either a serious warning or God’s judgment on this country. Perhaps we can argue Him down to ten righteous among us.

If a person is entirely politicized and gay, I can see why he would defend this appointment. But even then, it’s not an effective one. I hope.

But if a person has any respect at all for other points of view, he would have to acknowledge that by making this appointment President Obama shows a contempt for the common Joe and his wife and daughter – and his role as father – that disqualifies him from leadership over such people.

If you think I’m overreacting, read the post and see if you still agree.

Sarah Palin Watch Watch

Maybe I can’t resist or maybe I’m trying to make a point. Three years from now, Sarah Palin might conceivably run for president. Already today, the media are doing everything in their power to “frame the argument” as epistemological relativists are forced to do.

Some of their reflections are insightful, most are incredibly one-sided and reactive, if not reactionary (since they are now the status quo).

My favorite recently was this brilliant statement from Tina Brown on MSNBC that perfectly illustrates the Progressive Media’s tendency to project:

“Her confidence is based on total ignorance.”

If she hadn’t said it with such a smug, preceded by a contemptuous, expression, it might not have compelled me to post on it. But there it is.

Tina, speaking words without meaning or else rooted in ignorance of the facts doesn’t help.

I want to make an intelligent decision when I vote in 2010 and 2012. It’s getting harder and harder to do so. For that, the media, who take on themselves the duty of forming public opinion, are entirely to blame.