Incarnational Inspiration

Over the eight years of our CiRCE conference we have spent a lot of time thinking about the person and nature of our Lord. Yesterday, David agreed to create a special set of Christmas CD’s by finding six talks that specifically address the incarnation in one way or another.

I thought of one right away: The Cruelty of Heresy, a talk I gave down in FL about how when we deny either the fulness of Christ as Son of God or as Son of Man we harm ourselves and those we teach.

Also, James Daniels spoke on the incarnation at this summer’s conference.

There are more and David will find them, so keep your earpieces polished. I expect these will make a wonderful Christmas gift for a thoughtful Christian or inquirer.


4 Responses

  1. Kathrine,

    No, I’m glad you did reply. It helps us to know that at least one person is interested!


  2. Are these CD’s available yet?

    • Kathrine,

      Almost. We just have to set up our books and get them duplicated. We’ve selected them. Should be ready by Friday.

      Thanks for asking!


      • Hmm. For some reason I did not realize that I asked about the CD’s only 2 days after you made the initial announcement. I certainly didn’t mean to rush you so much! I need to check the date of the posts before I reply next time.

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