A Few Questions I’m Constantly Thinking About

Some Christians are hesitant about going back to the classical authors and theorists for fear of becoming ancient pagans. I understand that hesitation, but have had to ask myself some tough questions.

Especially this: Where do we get our education practices?

Where is the bell in the Bible? Where the classroom? emphasis on fun/entertainment? recess? certification? accreditation?

Where do these things come from? What about our teaching methods?

My argument is simply that the classical educators were much more Biblical than most Christian schools.

Here’s another question: is education by its nature feudal, capitalistic, socialistic or something else? Why?

And here’s one specifically for classical educators: are we exaggerating the power of “associative” theories of memory in the grammar stage and are we using behavioral approaches to teaching and epistemology (theories of knowledge)?

Important questions, I think.  What do you think?

3 Responses

  1. I have the same basic question as Luke, but a simple definition of the term and the basic relationship that sparked the question will do for me. We “live” in the grammar stage in our house right now. One of the things I love most about homeschooling and being part of a small co-op is the freedom to change course quickly as my understanding of the nature of christian education grows.

  2. Well, sure, but it will take time. Come back every now and then and I’ll try to develop what i’m getting at.

    Every now and then I blog by writing something I’ve written on a piece of scrap paper and then someone comes along and wants me to actually communicate meaning.

    Thanks a lot, Luke.

    ; )

  3. Andrew, could you examine “associative” theories of memory and behavioral approaches to teaching and epistemology?


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