Why Private Schools Imitate State Schools

A mystery:

Given the state of the state run schools, why do Christian schools imitate the failing state system and approaches?


  • Certification of teachers through NCATE
  • Control of assessment tools by Progressives
  • Financing
  • Private schools distinuguish the teaching and curriculum from the governance, thus imitating the former
  • Reputation by quantity (i.e. they’re big so we should be like them)

What do you think explains this, to my way of thinking, rather odd fact?

What is Order?

Order is the application of intelligence and will to raw materials. Being decision and commitment, order accepts reality and mortality. In its purest sense, order is the crucifixion of the self with its uncontrolled appetites and desires.

Order is spiritual.

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A Pace to Live By

At the human pace
You and I can act and rest,
labour and loaf,
strive and relax.

We can learn
to read,
to work,
to produce,
to grow,
at the human pace

At the human pace
we overcome

At the human pace
We hear ancestral voices
calling from afar

When we hear
At the human pace
we hear past reverberating echoes
in our caves

We are still
So the self-reflecting words
are still
And world-creating words
can speak

In the stillness