A Pace to Live By

At the human pace
You and I can act and rest,
labour and loaf,
strive and relax.

We can learn
to read,
to work,
to produce,
to grow,
at the human pace

At the human pace
we overcome

At the human pace
We hear ancestral voices
calling from afar

When we hear
At the human pace
we hear past reverberating echoes
in our caves

We are still
So the self-reflecting words
are still
And world-creating words
can speak

In the stillness

2 Responses

  1. Thanks. I’ve not been doing too much listening to That world-creator lately. No wonder my lack of stillness.

    (Enjoyed reading Plato’s Cave bit as an offshoot of these thoughts. Convicted about Socrates’ suggestion that having been to the light, having been able to see the true form of things and then having been returned to the wall, the shadows I once saw and now see again ought not effect me in the same way they did before.)

  2. First we must stop keeping apace with the Jones’s. All kidding aside, very nice. Words well said in peace. (Latin: in pace)

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