A Prayer for President Obama

I just came across this on Twitter and I think Frank Schaeffer is probably over-reacting, but I get where he’s coming from. Please don’t put Psalm 109:8 on your car as your prayer for our President Obama.

I have no doubt that people mean only that they want him out of office in four years. But that isn’t how it’s taken, and it lacks grace.

You can’t walk around in public as though everybody has your convictions and the same sense of irony or humor or whatever you want to call this. If your opposition doesn’t think it is funny or appropriate, then don’t put it out there to offend him.

If conservatism loses courtesy, all is lost.

Please pray for President Obama. I still can’t get over the potential for good this man has if He could see clearly what a free republic can be and do. I pray that he will have many years as a just and wise ruler. Will you join me?


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