Veni, Veni, et Vici

Happy Hat Tip to Sacramental Living’s blog for this link (may we all be filled with this beauty):

A Response to Kitschmas

Winston Elliott offers counsel on how to transcend the Kitschmas in this brief and helpful blog post:

The Christocentric Life – Beauty 

In this season when the commercial nature of the Christmas season often confronts us with schlock and parodies of real beauty we can focus on the love of Christ as it is expressed in true beauty

Winston Elliott

Pied Pipers, or Father of the Man?

I don’t know who Frank Ferudi is, though he tells us in this article that he grew up in Hungary in the 1940’s, under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

Here he argues that the climate scaremongers are using children to achieve their ends. The implications of this strategy show how sound our parents anxieties were back when they started fearing that we were headed for a mad world.

Let us assume that we really are destroying our planet. If this is the solution, we’re only going to find another way to destroy it. How do you take his points?

Here are the two evils contained in this approach:

  1. People, especially sincere, well-meaning people who don’t believe in reality, find the temptation to save the world by influencing children irresistable.
  2. Children who are taught to dishonor their parents make civilized life impossible.