A Christmas poem of sorts

Where do I turn
When turning turns
To Vertigo

How can I burn
When burning burns
To Dust

Look downward, angel
Look upward, son

Gaze on the offered bread


I need help on that first verse. I don’t like the word vertigo but haven’t been able to think of a better one. The core paraphrased idea would be the excess of turning that is vertigo, that it’s hard to know where to turn when everything is turning so much as to give you vertigo. There’s more there, but that bit can’t be compromised.

So I thought for example of saying “a stray” which can take you in a couple directions, but doesn’t hold that core idea. I thought about using a cooking term, say, for what they do when they toss a pizza. What is that?

Any suggestions?


9 Responses

  1. “too terribley”, “to no room in The or any inn and my wife is very pregnant”

    But… I like vertigo and dust best. I’m dizzily looking; and, Of pressing on to eventual ends, it just looks bleak.

    When turning, spinning unto dusty ends myself, the provision of such steady gravities as Jesus over the raging waters and the rapture of the saints from the dead (esp, in that triumphant image of Donne’s din of angels’ trumpets from the round earth’s imagined corners blowing as the saints arise). The provision of these things finds me caught, still, clear, safe, and lifted amidst the clouds o’ burnt-unto-dust and vertigo.

  2. I kept thinking about a revolving door as I read the first verse. I wonder if you could go further in the direction of non-progression, cycles, infinitude, e.g….


    I also like the concept of vertigo, though, and I like how you’re using it.

    Looking forward to the next installation!

  3. I like vertigo (shades of Jimmy Stewart, yes, but seems OK). I thought of spinning too…but the dizziness is the point I think.

  4. muddle

    I also thought of stupefy (from Harry Potter)

  5. I also thought of Jimmy Stewart. Hmmm….disorientation? (too long maybe.) I like dizziness too. Drunkenness? Lol!

  6. dizziness
    cornered (I like this as a juxtaposition with “dust”)
    lost (also half-rhymes with “dust”)

    I don’t necessarily vote for any of these over “vertigo,” though it seems too modern a term (and I keep seeing Jimmy Stewart in my head), but maybe they’ll jog a thought–I look forward to the next version. 🙂

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