Year End Efforts

Our year-end fund-raising drive had goals in stages, ranging from $20,000 to meet needs up to $50,000 to direct resources toward multiplying the information and resources we provide to educators and parents.

As of right now, it is 10:07 eastern on December 31 and we are about $2000 short of our low end goals. If you appreciate the work and vision of the CiRCE Institute, would you please consider making a year end donation? If 100 of you contribute $20, we’ll be in good shape for January. And we’ll be very, very grateful.

Please Click HERE to contribute

If you are among the many who have lost your jobs or are struggling financially, please offer up a prayer for us and we’ll gladly do the same for you if you let us know what we can pray for on your behalf. I can think of no higher honor.

Please rejoice with us. Our Lord keeps us providing for us in His own way!

Thank you.

A Poem to welcome the new year

A child unborn, the coming year
Grows big within us, dangerous,
And yet we hunger as we fear
For its increase, the blunted bud

To free the leaf to have its day,
The unborn to be born. The ones
Who are to come are on their way,
And though we stand in mortal good

Among our dead, we turn in doom
In joy to welcome them, stirred by
That ghost who stirs in seed and tomb,
Who brings the stones to parenthood

Wendell Berry, The Sabbath Poems, 1982, Poem V

Shakespeare and Science

When I was in high school I discovered that people had different opinions about Shakespeare’s plays – what they meant, what specific passages meant, where he got his ideas, etc. In the back of my mind I formulated a general notion that one day I could settle all those questions.

During college I still had a vague notion that I could write the definitive work on Hamlet, settling once and for all what it was about (which I have done – it was about “sin’s true nature”), resolving every issue, and explaining how we should go about mining its riches.


I have discovered that literature is the most perfect parallel to the cosmos. The maths and sciences seek to describe cosmos. They operate within the quest for finity as observed from the outside. They play a vital role.

But the soul that neglects story, by which I mean story rooted in the ancient dreams of the human soul, can never know the place of the sciences.