significant seven

The following list comes from the Positive Discipline Website. While it’s Adlerian, and I’m not, they present some sound insights. These seven perceptions and skills need to be cultivated in children and most of them, it seems to me, are cultivated more artistically than logically.

Universal research reveals that children who become successful adults posses the following abilities.

  • I have well developed judgment skills and able to make decisions with integrity.
  • I am confident of my personal capability when faced with challenges.
  • I believe I am personally significant and make meaningful contributions.
  • I have a positive influence over my life; I take responsibility for my choices.
  • I have strong intrapersonal skills and I manage my emotions through self-awareness and self-discipline.
  • I have strong interpersonal skills and I am able to effectively communicate, negotiate, and empathize with others.
  • I am able to adapt with flexibility and integrity, I have strong systemic skills.
  • Have you ever seen a successful person who lacked any of these factors?

    Why are we so confused about Economics?

    Rap may even have finally justified itself.

    No! But, this video is amazing. Thanks to Chuck Hicks for directing me to this site. You’ll have to watch more than once, but in the video on this page you’ll see the two explanations for our global depression.

    My economic philosophy can be summed up rather simply:

    The economy is not manageable for the simple reason that nobody could ever know enough to manage it, therefore everybody in it needs to manage his money responsibly and wisely, beginning by not spending money he doesn’t have. If we followed this principle, every other element of our lives would be more likely to fall into place.

    See which side of the debate I’d fall on by watching the video.