Ron Paul Polls Best

The latest Rasmussen poll has Ron Paul within one point of President Obama and far ahead of every other Republican in a head to head with the president.

What do you make of that?

2 Responses

  1. I loved watching Ron Paul in the last presidential debates. Most journalists treated him as if his ideas were ludicrous, but by the end of his answer, the audience applause was often deafening.

    I hope he runs again.


  2. Paul’s district is on the boarder with the district I live in. Andrew, we actually had dinner in his district (at Perry’s) when you did the LTOW training for our school. As a congressman, Dr. No as they call him, is really the only candidate that has a track record of being against government spending and waste. He wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, NEA, and the fiat dollar.

    Many exasperated people are digging them ideas.

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