Knowing God – And How to Think About Him

I’ve enjoyed discovering this blog in the past year. It’s called Beauty for Truth’s Sake and includes frequent reflection on the surprising delights of thinking truthfully instead of being driven by the appetites for power or pleasure.

When you read something like this, you know the writer thinks into things more than we normally do:

Mathematics, in its own way (and you won’t hear this said too often!), is a picture of love.

This was in an article on analogy and how we can, since the incarnation, think about God. Take a look – add it to your blog list.

2 Responses

  1. Cheryl

    Beautiful. Never, ever lose that vision! Never forget what a child is!!

    The wonder is that when we honor the soul, rote facts like 2+3=5 help discipline the will and inform the reason and thus nurture the soul and lead to fruitful branches.

    God bless your teaching.

  2. I have noted for years now that math can be useful in understanding and appreciating spiritual things. When you learn that a line has no begining and no end – this is a picture of God. We are a “ray” because we have a beginning but no end. Our lives on earth are a line segment.

    At Classical Conversations’ conference this year the theme reflected was nurturing a souls instead of trying to come up with a product like 2 plus 3 equals 5. Our children are not products in that concrete, math-like sense. They are branches to be cultivated but each will still yield variations in their fruit. It is good food for thought. 🙂

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