Post-Human Dancing

I went to a dance recital tonight with my newly established obsession about post-humanity and was struck by how much the dancing embodied the machine and the sensual appetites and how little much of it embodied reason in the Christian and classical sense.

Ballet seems to have served as a transition. The movements are so remarkably graceful and elegant. Then you see the Infernal Dance of Stravinsky or the modern dance and you are struck by the lack of grace and elegance. Extraordinary versatility and coordination, yes, but not much grace.

It’s depressing. We’re brought up to be sophisticated animals driven by their appetites. I’m writing too late to refine this thought, but wanted simply to note the concern. Others know music much better than I, but even I can see grace when it swims in my tears. Watching little five year old girls practice for the burlesque is always disturbing to me.


2 Responses

  1. Post-humanity is an enthralling topic. I hope you will or already have written more about it. It’s a tragedy faced by anyone who seeks a life of wholeness, order, and reflection because we can’t truly have those things in isolation from others.

    In a sense, post-humanity is recession into the background of circumstances, a dissolution of man within them, and our awareness of it changes in real-time with that dissipation. The more post-human we become, the less we notice the loss and the more likely we are to embrace further destruction.

    I’m confident you’d agree that the motions and other elements of any given dance aren’t in themselves distinctively Christian, classical, or otherwise. Those movements are planted in a field of meaning that is ignored in the quasi-artistic renderings that pass for much of modern dance. Do you agree that such individual performance could be incorporated into a communicative whole that does embody grace?

  2. Awe. I hate to have to agree, but it’s true. In every arena our animalistic appetites and that of the fallen nature are encouraged while the “new man” is put off instead of put on, encouraged, and fed. Evolution at it’s finest; only we’re DEvolving.

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