Wards of the State

This article shows how the world, and particularly the US, was prepared for President Obama and it shows why his presidency is not a minor misdirection. Read it closely.

Belloc’s key insight was that Britain’s ruling elites would buy political tranquility at the cost of personal liberty. “Future … industrial society,” he wrote, will guarantee “subsistence and security … for the proletariat … at the expense of … political freedom.” Britons faced a future in which there would be “the fixing of wages by statute,” “the imposition of a minimum wage during employment,” the use of compulsory arbitration during industrial disputes (“a bludgeon so obvious that it is revolting even to our proletariat”), a vast bureaucracy to herd the working classes into conformity:

Thanks to Paula Flint

Paula Flint has raised the bar for CiRCE conferences! She did so well organizing this year’s event in Dallas that we’ve determined we need to hand it over to her again.

Paula, thank you! And your staff. And your family.

Next year we’ll seek to go still further up and still further in by staying in the same place.