Prophet, Priest, and King at School

Human society and the human soul need three and have always had three functions performed to flourish: they need the prophet, the priest, and the king.

The king is the governor/administrator. He executes the will of what he rules in order to keep it strong, healthy, and magnanimous.

The priest is the teacher, the bearer of the tradition, and the one who makes offerings to the gods or God.

The prophet is the conscience, the one who reminds the community what it is for, what it is committed to, what it ought to be.

Modern society and especially the conventional school has regulated and systematized itself to the point where the prophet cannot be heard.

One Response

  1. This is outstanding. You are familiar with John Frame’s Triperspectivalism, I assume. There is so much here to learn from. I am also convinced that the Trivium, in the Sayers sense, hits on the maturation of the individual and the world by getting the order right: Priest, King and Prophet (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric). It is a progression of maturity.

    Thanks for the post and all your great posts here. I have been blessed and challanged by them.

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