Conservative Literature: Where is it?

In this article, Brian Doherty compares libertarian literature to conservative and finds the latter wanting. His argument is intriguing, as it indicates the decline in conservative thought since Russell Kirk was the leading spokesman and sage of the conservative renewal. Until conservatism can reconcile the free market with the preservation of culture and the soul it sustains, it will continue to be a divided movement, somewhat effective but always on the brink of ruin.

2009 Paideia Prize Winners Announced

I am excited to announce that Marcus and Laura Berquist have been named the winners of the 2009 Russell Kirk Paideia Prize for Lifetime Contribution to Classical Education. Please follow this link to read more.

A Long Sentence by John Henry Newman

Here’s an example of a beautiful long sentence that couldn’t have said what it said if it had said it shortly:

[A great author] writes passionately, because he feels keenly; forcibly, because he conceives vividly; he sees too clearly to be vague; he is too serious to be otiose; he can analyze his subject, and therefore he is rich; he embraces it as a whole and in its parts, and therefore he is consistent; he has a firm hold of it, and therefore he is luminous.

John Henry Newman, quoted by Russell Kirk in Educating for Virtue, which you can purchase from Eighth Day Books, and I highly recommend you do so. In fact, this sentence is quoted by Russell Kirk in an essay full of beautifully crafted longish sentences.

Tolle, lege